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The story about his Uncle Chris olive oil...


He didn't want to be called grandpa...
...because the last of his 4,5 wives, was 37 1/2 years younger than him. That's how the nickname "UNCLE CHRIS" came up.

When finally his grandpa passed away, he left him fertile olive trees that gave the best olive. 

If UNCLE CHRIS had sparred some time from chasing after women's dresses and gathered all the olives, he would have produced the best olive oil.oil across Greece. And there were many, so many that they extended far beyond your eyes can reach.

Instead he urged his tall, hard-working and a bit cuckoo grandson whom he had from his 3rd marriage to take over. A few years later the grandson got married, had children and a factory that extracts the most delicious olive oil you have ever tasted!!!

Being truly proud for his grandpa , he named his olive oil "UNCLE CHRIS"!!




 The company

Our way as producers started 55 years ago,when we first began to cultivate our olive trees and trade olive oil. All these years, having gained experience and having values such as quality,creativity,responsibility and passion,we founded GREEK FARM Ltd.

GREEK FARM is a manufacturing and standardization company of extra virgin olive oil and has as its primary objective the production of extremely high quality products and at the same time their disposal. This has resulted in increasing demand for its products as well as it’s manning at the commercial sector in the inside as much as abroad.

Always with respect for the environment and no adverse effects on it, our fully equipped factory allows us to extract high quality olive oil with the cold press method.

The oil extraction varieties that give outstanding features in olive oil are Manaki and Koroneiki.
The acidity of the olive oil is still very low, ranging between 0,2% and 0,5%.

Furthermore one of the most important advantages of GREEK FARM is the flexibility to produce a variety of packaging depending on the needs of each client concerned.

Extra virgin olive oil is characterized by distinctive aroma and taste something that comes as the result of the unique combination of the varieties we use, our soil and climatic conditions in mountainous Korinthia (where produced) and the proper management of raw materials on behalf of our company.

 We continually strive to be a successful company. Our company is committed to high quality products and services to our customers. Our company continuously carries out market research, and participates in initiatives to develop the sector and social purpose. We follow development strategies originality, and our goal is to empower our business capabilities in every way.





Greek Farm Ltd Company applies to HACCP System according to the International Standard for the Management of Hygiene and Safety of Food (ISO 22000:2005) issued by  TUV HELLAS .



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